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Slide We bring the technical knowledge, experience, and everything else needed. auto electrician sunshine coast car diagnosis Slide Auto Electrical and Air Conditioners are our area of expertise.

Auto Electrical & Auto Air-Conditioning

We’ve got you covered.  With over twenty two years experience in the industry, we’ve worked on machines of all sizes.  Cars, trucks, mining machinery, agricultural machinery & everything in between (even boats!).

Need a jump start?

No worries, we’ve all had to do it at some stage.  Whether you need full assistance to get your car started after accidentally leaving the lights on, or your battery is faulty, or just a talk-through, we’re here to help.

Melting with no A/C?

That’s not a problem.  We have years of experience at trouble shooting vehicles of all sizes who’s air conditioners are broken or faulty.

Looking for a quality and expert auto electrical technician?